Help Provide A New Beginning

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Your financial donations can make a direct impact on the daily lives of refugee families. Financial gifts are much more than dollars and cents. They help provide a new beginning.

Your gift, no matter the size, will help provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care, employment, and education to those who have lost so much. With your help, the possibilities are endless!

  • $1000 can give a refugee family of four a safe place to live for two months.
  • $500 can fill kitchen cupboards for 7 newly arriving refugee families.
  • $250 can provide learning materials for 17 refugee families studying English.
  • $100 can help 8 refugee children get ready for their first day of school in the US.
  • $50 can provide bus transportation to work for 40 refugees for one day.
  • $25 can give clean bed linens and towels to a refugee family of four.

At this time we are not accepting furniture or clothing items (with the exception of winter weather items) please click here to view a list of other possible donations sites. Thank you for the consideration. We regret not being able to accept your generosity.

Your gift to the MVRCR Refugee Resettlement Program is Tax Deductible!

It may also be the perfect gift for someone close to you who is interested in international affairs or helping others in need. Make a contribution in their honor and we will send that individual a thank you note informing them of their contribution.

Donate Today!