Flag Sponsorship

Flag SponsorshipBe a part of building community with many cultures by supporting our programs and services through this unique opportunity.

Your flag of choice and your name will prominently fly along the 15k Boilermaker Road Race, at World Refugee Day, the Unspoken conference venue and other events. At all other times throughout the year the flags will proudly line the hallways of MVRCR.

Each sponsorship is $250 and lasts for 1 year. Sponsor as many flags as you would like! If you already know which flags you would like to sponsor click here to download the complete sponsorship form. Completed forms can be e-mailed to info@mvrcr.org or sent to:

Flag Sponsorship
309 Genesee St.
Utica, NY 13501

  • If you are unsure which flag to sponsor or are unsure which flag represents which country click here for a preview.
  • Still unsure which flag to sponsor? Companies and organizations may decide to sponsor a flag that represents overseas branches, represents their founder’s cultural heritage, or represents the largest ethnic group represented amongst the staff. Some individuals decide to sponsor a flag that represents their own cultural heritage or a country with symbolic meaning to their family. Still not sure? You can visit the Populations Page and Refugee Arrivals World Map to see which countries refugees have arrived from.

Please note that flags represented are based on the official flags recognized by the United Nations. Different ethnic groups or political factions may have different flags. Due to the nature of our work we make every attempt to remain neutral.

  • Although we encourage diversity in flag selection we also respect the rich cultural heritage of our region and allow more than one of the same flag to be sponsored. So consider sponsoring a less represented flag, but don’t worry about losing out on your choice!
  • If you are unable to sponsor a flag for $250 but would still like to donate Click here to visit the Donate page or visit Sponsorship for additional opportunities.

MVRCR is registered as a 501(c)(3) with the IRS and all donations are tax deductible.

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