Job Placement

Welcome To Our Employment Department, Connecting You With Employers

Our in-house refugee employment team works with over 80 employers in Upstate New York. We coordinate with employers to find appropriate individuals, and we work with individuals to find the best placement for them. Our employment specialists also assist refugees to obtain better paying jobs that utilize their native skills.

Job Placement Programs and Services include:

Supporting Employers - Do you recruit and hire talent?

  • We offer creative solutions for your employment needs.
  • Our services are a cost-effective way to recruit new employees.
  • Employers may be eligible for on-the-job training funding.
  • Employees are pre-screened.
  • Employees have an excellent work ethic.
  • We can assist in completing all new hire paperwork.
  • We can assist with and perform employee orientation.
  • Our employees can help increase productivity.
  • Increase the cultural diversity of your business and broaden your potential customer base.

Supporting Employees - Are you a Refugee or Immigrant?

  • We assist all work-eligible refugees with suitable employment.
  • Immigrants attending English classes at the Adult Learning Center may be eligible for assistance.
  • We work with more than 80 different employers.
  • We help you complete employment paperwork.
  • We teach you how to be interviewed by American employers.
  • We provide language support to help with job orientation.

For more information call (315) 738 1083 Ext. 104, or email Employment Coordinator, Ashley Bustos at