#whyiamhere Refugee Stories - a Collaboration with Utica College

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MVRCR is excited to collaborate with students from Utica College’s Multimedia Web Design class who have launched a five-week campaign consisting of captivating stories from 13 refugees. An understanding of refugee migration is greatly needed in this present social climate.  Utica is the “Town that loves Refugees”. Utica is welcoming to those persecuted from their home countries and we believe the most effective way to express this message is through personal stories.

Utica College will be distributing these stories through narratives, podcasts, data visualizations and video. Become immersed into getting to know these individuals. This project is personable, heartfelt, and real.

Please visit the project’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram feeds which will capture facts, research, images and perspectives from various refugee organizations locally and globally at a time when viewpoints are crucial.

How can you help Support the mission of the MVRCR ? Consider a charitable donation.

 Share the knowledge and be welcoming to all.

From all of us here at MVRCR we thank Utica College for this astonishing opportunity to make our friends and neighbors voice heard.

To read the project’s first story please visit:


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