Compass Interpreters Announces On-Demand Interpretation Services

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Compass Interpreters, a division of MVRCR, announces
On-Demand Video Interpretation Services 

Compass Interpreters has partnered with Lexikeet Learning to provide our customers a new service; On-Demand Video Interpretation! This new on-demand language service (video interpretation) will instantly connect you to an interpreter with just the click of a button. This service is available on any Windows, Mac or Linux-based computer or tablet!

With this new service, immediate access to our experienced interpretation staff is our first promise, and a friendly, helpful face is the next.

  • On-demand video interpretation combines benefits for both you and the consumers of your services.
  • Similar to over the phone interpretation, this service can be more cost effective than in person interpreting.
  • Additionally, the visual contact between a patient, parent, client or employee and his or her interpreter that establishes trust in an in-person interpreting session is also achieved via On-demand video interpreting. This visual contact produces more effective communication ensuring a clearer, more complete discussion, that gives you a better understanding of a client’s concerns, a more complete service history, and a safer, more precise interaction. 

There are so many great advantages to on-demand video interpretation!

  • No more waiting - Connect within moments to a trained professional interpreter.
  • Get rid of the additional cost of travel and mileage expenses.
  • No unexpected scheduling conflicts.
  • SAVE MONEY for your interpretation budget! With video interpretation only pay for the time you use!
  • Use a service that gives back to our non-profit networks. Many of our interpreters are from the immigrant and refugee communities.
  • Trained professional medical interpreters on staff, who maintain HIPAA compliance!
  • 24/7 availability. No more calling after hours answering services.

To learn more about on-demand video interpreting services, rates, languages offered or to setup a demo Click here to complete our contact form, email @, or call Tracy Davis or Ashley Bustos at (315) 738-1083 ext 113

We look forward to working with your organization on this exciting new take on interpretation services!

Learn more about Compass Interpreters and our partner Lexikeet Learning.
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