Thank you for considering MVRCR as a resource for your research project. We value your interest in how refugees and immigrants have positively impacted our community. Each year we receive many requests to conduct research about our community and our programs as well as to interview MVRCRC staff and refugees. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate every request.

In order to facilitate your efforts we have adopted the following policy for all research projects that involve program staff and clients of the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees:

  • The results of a study should be of value to the work of the agency and the refugee community;
  • Client participation in any research must be voluntary;
  • All findings must be made available to the agency;
  • The total number of research projects must not place an undue burden on any department.

You will be asked to address the following in the application:

  • A brief description of your intended project.
  • What role will MVRCR have in your project? Please be specific about what exactly our staff will be asked to do in order for you to complete this project.
  • What benefit will there be to refugees and immigrants?
  • Are there any potential risks to refugees and immigrants?
  • What is your proposed time-frame? Please include a start date, end date, and an approximate timeline of activities that will take place throughout the duration of this project. Please provide detailed information about the types of activities you expect to perform.
  • Please state the project’s goals, objectives, and anticipated outcomes. How will you measure the project’s success?
  • Are there any other partners in this project, such as colleagues or other community agencies? How will efforts be coordinated? How will information be disseminated?
  • Why is the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees critical in making this project happen?

Research requests will be reviewed by the Executive Director and a response will be given as soon as possible following a request. By submitting this request, you agree that MVRCR will have access to all findings and receive a copy of the final report.

Research Requests must be submitted in writing and must include the following:

  • Research Request Application Download the PDF here
  • Resume
  • A detailed description of the project, including a proposed summary or interview questions
  • A letter of support from a professor or supervisor

For more information, or to set up an appointment, please contact Jennifer Cieslewitz by calling (315) 738-1083 or emailing

Please send all completed applications to:

Jennifer Cieslewitz
Volunteer/Intern Coordinator
Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees
201 Bleecker St.
Utica NY, 13501

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