Supporting Refugees is Supporting Your Community. 

The United States resettled just over 22,000 refugees in FY2018, down from 90,000 in FY2016.

"This is a tragedy for refugees, who languish in resettlement camps or live in horrific danger. For the United States, it is also a strain on communities around the country, nowhere more so than in upstate New York. Why? Refugee resettlement agencies are anchor institutions in these areas. They provide services for some of the most vulnerable community members, jobs for local residents, and a productive use for buildings that in some cases might otherwise be vacant. Anchor institutions are important because they are deeply rooted in the community and boost economic development.(Fiscal Policy Institute Report, 2018)"


(February 1, 2017 Refugee Center Press Conference Responding to the Executive Order suspending Refugee Resettlement for 4 months)

We need you to tell our story and support our mission. Take action now.

1. Correct Misinformation - When you hear incorrect assumptions or facts said about immigrants, refugees, or the refugee resettlement program use your voice to correct these assumptions. Tell people about your experience with refugees and what you know.  

2. Donate

3. Use social media as a platform for your opinions and be HEARD!



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4. Click HERE to Educate yourself and others.

5. Be present for everyone in the community who may be feeling threatened or unsafe.

6. Listen to the people who we are fighting for and why they love America. Share their stories!