Residents also appear to be proud of themselves: the story of America has always been from the outset underscoring the values of opportunity and a second chance. Uticans seem to have internalized the sense that this community is responding in the best of both traditions. (JZ Analytics, Six Continents, One Hometown, 2012)

Without the support of the local community the Refugee Center would not be able to do the work that we do. We consider the entire City of Utica and the surrounding Mohawk Valley to be our partner as we work together to build community with many cultures.

Within Utica there exists, “a sophisticated network of helping agencies, public/private cooperation, affordable housing, disorganized/isolated opposition, vision and leadership from the education community, immigrant reputation and will to assimilate, support from a variety of places of worship, and the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees as factors making Utica a welcoming community.” (JZ Analytics, Six Continents, One Hometown, 2012)