Building A Community With Many Cultures!

CommunityAs a city of migration Utica believes that together we build community with many cultures! In a 2012 JZ analytics study 69% of Utica area residents said immigration was good for the area. (Visit the Economic Impact page to download the full report).

The Greater Utica community enjoys its reputation for welcoming new people, feels that the city and its leaders are doing a good job, and believe that immigration offers the city new hope for the future and a fresh image to the rest of the world.

Utica believes that together we build community with many cultures. The Refugee Center could not do our work without the support of the community. This section is designed to highlight the work of the community and provide visitors with information and resources about the work of other valued partners. Join us and learn more about the following:

  • Restaurants and Shops in the area, many owned and operated by former refugees.
  • Projects created by community members such as Refugees Starting Over, the Midtown Utica Community Center, and the Redeemer Cup.
  • Resources for individuals who may be new to the area, or who may be assisting newcomers. This page provides contact information for essential services such as healthcare and the Department of Social Services, as well as helpful community groups such as On Point for College and the Underground Café.
  • Partners: Ethnic Community Organizations & Faith Based Organizations.
  • Economic Impact of refugees & immigrants.