Demographics & Trends

In 1910, the foreign born population of Utica constituted 28.6% of the city's population, but by 1990 had declined to 5.4%. Utica experienced a sharp population decline from 100,410 in 1960 to 60,651 in 2000.

Since opening in 1981 the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees has resettled over 14,500 individuals helping to re-stabilize the population and reverse a half century of continuous population decline. Utica has also been a City of substantial secondary migration. Secondary migration occurs when refugees resettled to other locations move to preferred to communities to reconnect with family and friends. By 2010 the population of the City of Utica had increased to 62,235.

The graphs below represent data from 1910 to 2010. This data has not been updated to include changes from 2012 community surveys.

UticaPopulationTrends Graphic

Data from the U.S. Census State and County QuickFacts 2014 shows the current percentage of foreign born residents in Utica being higher than any other city on the thruway corridor.

ForeignBornResidents Graphic